Get To Know The 10 Myths About Palm Oil: (2020)

Palm Oil has been gaining prominence, being at the center of a heated debate. The myths about palm oil surrounding the crop can be mind-boggling at times. Let’s dive in and find out the 10 Myths about Palm Oil. Myth No.1: Palm Oil is Unhealthy Fact: Countless readers are being misled to believe that palm […]

What are the uses of Palm Oil? (2020)

Palm Oil

The uses of Palm oil is in nearly everything. It’s in close to 50% of the packaged products. We find it in supermarkets – from pizza, doughnuts, and chocolate, to deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, and lipstick. Animal feed and biofuel in many parts of the world use palm oil. While palm oil is the most efficient […]

10 Facts about Red Palm Oil: (2020)

Palm oil

  There are endless of various benefits of Red palm. This article mentions the ten facts about red palm oil out many advantages. Palm oil is a tropical oil that comes from the pulp of palm fruit. These fruits grow on palm trees located in Africa, the Americas, and South-East Asia. The first thing people […]

Sustainable Palm Oil: Fully Explained (2020)

Palm Oil Fruit

What is sustainable palm oil and how can palm oil be grown sustainably? Different studies say that there is no better alternative to this crop. What is then the way forward for producing palm oil? The answer is to produce palm oil sustainably. But what does this exactly mean? Producing sustainably means cultivating this crop […]

Palm Oil – Nature’s Gift to the World

Palm Oil Fruit

Since the stepping of palm oil into our lives, one can see a significant change in both edible and non-edible products. Today, whatever you and we are using right now, maybe without palm oil, is nearly impossible. Beyond doubt, palm oil has established a definite place in our lifestyle. Now each kitchen, restaurant, or industry […]

Red Palm Oil & its Health Benefits

Red Palm Oil in a bowl

Consumption of Red palm oil has increased all over the world. It is reported to provide various health benefits that lead to a rise in its usage. People have been using it for years as it helps in reducing cholesterol levels and betters brain health. The fruit of the oil palm tree is the source […]