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Is palm oil really bad


Palm oil finds its use in almost everything from food to cosmetics to confectionaries. In reality, nearly 50% of the world’s population relies on the use of palm oil.

Every crop, when cultivated, leaves some impacts which may be positive and negative. In the case of edible oil crops, many effects are apparent on the environment and human health.

Undoubtedly, palm oil is notorious for having some adverse consequences on forest cover and natural habitats. But the extent of these effects is far less than other edible vegetable oils, including mustard oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, groundnut oil, etc.

Sustainablre palm oil or no-palm oil


Everything we use in our life has both positive and negative impacts on us. Now it is up to us to manage the effects positively or negatively. Similar is the case with the use and cultivation of palm oil.

Palm oil is not only a prominent component in food manufacturing. But it has wide-ranging applications in different fields of life, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, industrial features, animal feed, and health benefits.

Is Malaysian Palm Oil Sustainable


Palm oil is considered the most widely produced oil, with broad applications from the food industry to pharmaceuticals. Palm oil makes up 40% of worldwide vegetable oil consumption. It does not occupy a large area for its production, which increases its importance in other edible vegetable oils. Another striking attribute of palm oil is its yield which is very high compared to other vegetable oils.

Is Malaysia deforested

IS MALAYSIA DEFORESTED? The reality of disinformation

Malaysia is among the few countries which are famous for its most complex rainforest ecosystems in the world. The country is rich in fertile soil and natural resources, fertile soil, and high rainfall. Contrary to the decade-long campaigns spreading rumors that Malaysia has a ‘high deforestation rate,’ the country is still predominantly forested. It constitutes 54% of the total land of the country. The number is surprising after 63 long years of independence. It is interesting to know how a country that primarily depends on natural resources could maintain extensive forest cover.

Why is palm oil good for frying


Frying foods are the most consumed and likes foods globally. The crispy texture of French fries and crunchiness of fried chicken is enough to tantalize your taste buds. Concerning fried food, the choice of frying oil can make a considerable difference in the flavor.

Food needed for living is presented to us in two forms, i.e., Natural form and processed. Frying is the most dominant form of processed food, with palm oil playing an essentially integral role in the fried food industry.
The presence of a minute level of Cholesterol in palm oil makes it a vital component of frying. But along with this, quality palm oil is also worthy of importance. It is easy to digest and assimilate by the body and acts as a rich energy source.

Nutritional benefits of palm oil on the brain


Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of oil palm. It is the economical and widely used oil worldwide, affecting our lives in many ways but leaves an incredible impact on the human brain. Being the central organ of the body, the functioning of the brain must be kept normal, and the use of palm oil helps us to do.