Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Malaysian Palm Oil Council

In delivering our services to stakeholders and the global masses, we at MPOC are guided by a corporate identity that declares the organisation to be forward-looking and empathetic in its mission to promote Malaysian Palm Oil Industry.

Current Highlights

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CEO Insights

In this candid discussion, Dato’ Dr Wan Zawawi Wan Ismail talks about some key learnings from his decades long career. He also provides his perspective on the main challenges facing the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry and what aspirations he has for the future of the industry.

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Palm Oil Link

Palm Oil Link is an online directory of companies initiated by MPOC specifically to connect the Malaysian palm oil industry to the rest of the world. Palm Oil Link is launched with the objective of enhancing trade opportunities in the marketplace.

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World Palm Portraits Photography Competition

Participants are expected to capture palm oil and its multitude of applications, from their own unique perspectives and viewpoints encompassing high impactfulness, storytelling value, strong creativity, great composition, and technical quality.

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The Palm Oil Educational Outreach Webinar is aimed at increasing the knowledge and understanding on the benefits and issues related to palm oil. The webinar was focused on three core aspects of Malaysian Palm Oil; namely science, environment, and nutrition.

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This seminar will benefit all those who seek to continuously improve and strengthen the plantation sector. When challenges within these criteria are answered, there will be improvement in terms of productivity.

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About MPOC

Promote the market expansion of Malaysian palm oil and its products by supporting the right facts and meeting environmental and sustainability targets.

Market Highlights

Our comprehensive palm oil market reports can help you gain valuable insights for your business. Use this information to accelerate your company’s operations.

Malaysian Palm Oil Events

Looking for a way to connect with Malaysian Palm Oil Industry? Or do you have market knowledge you’d like to share? One of our events might be relevant to you.

Full of Goodness

Full of Goodness has a lot of positive connotations and we mean every definition that comes to mind when it comes to Malaysian Palm Oil. Malaysian Palm Oil brings a lot of goodness, such as healthier skin, healthier heart, healthier hair and much more.

Malaysian Palm Oil Applications

Check your knowledge of Malaysian Palm Oil. Hover over the green dots, how many of them do you know?

Palm-based margarine is free of trans fats and has a better consistency and texture.
Palm oil contributes moisturizing and texturizing properties. It holds colour well and allows for smooth application.
Confectionery Fats
Palm oil provides taste and texture, especially crunchiness, and is non-GMO.
Frying Oil
Palm oil has a high melting point. It also makes food less greasy and does not affect the taste.
Palm oil is solid at room temperature and makes shortening very shelf stable.
Salad Dressing
Palm oil is a very stable oil due to its high content of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant.
Dairy Fat Replacer
Palm oils or their blends, offer good flavour stability, improved nutritional value and low cost.
Ice Cream
Palm oil increases the melting point for ice cream while keeping it smooth and creamy.
Malaysian Palm Oil
Oil palm is the most efficient oil crop in the world. It is an important part in the fight against global hunger.

Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil

MSPO Standards are the national sustainability certification standards for the oil palm industry

Being the market leader and pioneer in sustainable palm oil products, MSPO brings great benefits to Malaysian Palm Oil Industries, product manufacturers as well as end-users.

MSPO enhances Malaysian palm oil competitiveness and acceptance in the global market while supporting smallholders through sustainable practices.

Increased Productivity

Promotes Sustainability

Economic Competitiveness

Traceability from source to end user

Help support smallholders’ income

Meets demands from environmentally sensitive markets for CSPO

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